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Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

By letting me take over the time-consuming tasks that prevent you from focusing on what you do best, you'll spend more time doing what you love!  Working virtually allows me to maximize my performance and increase output, while lowering your operating costs.  My number one goal is to treat your business like it is my own and build a relationship you can depend on.

Administrative Support

  • Database Maintenance (Jackrabbit)

  • Email Maintenance/Filtering

  • Event Planning

  • Flight Booking

  • Invoicing/Account Management

  • Organization


  • Blog Management

  • Brand Development

  • Layout & Design

  • Promotion

  • Public Relations

  • Rack Card

  • Website Design & Management (Proficient in Wix)

Social Media Management

  • Content Calendar & Development

  • Curate Content

  • Engage with Audience

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Posts & Stories

  • Graphic Design

  • Monitor Hashtags

  • Respond to Direct Messages

Dance Studio Extras

  • Competition Entry Forms

  • Costume Ordering

  • Concert Details

  • Newsletters

  • Program Design

  • Policy Handbook


The creative mind is always thinking, always planning, always moving.  Staying idle isn't an option. Having a creative mind myself, I know this can be both a blessing and curse!  Although we can do whatever we set our minds to, invariably we are drawn to doing what we are most passionate about and excel at most.


Making your business succeed sometimes means working with an expert to sort through the chaos and bring focus to what is most important.  I have mentored some amazing artists and dance studio owners over the years whose businesses are thriving now because I have helped them discover their purpose and clarify their vision. That's what I'm most passionate about -- sharing my skills, expertise and experience to help your performing arts business be the best that it can be.


Let's chat about how I can help you thrive!

Let’s Start Working Together!


Aretese Low

LOVV the Dance Studio, Wheaton, Illinois

I was wearing all the hats with my dance studio business and running myself into the ground.  When I contacted Pam I was almost ready to throw in the towel because I no longer loved what I was doing.  She asked me of all the jobs I was doing, which one was I most passionate about.  We narrowed it down to two areas and from there we devised a plan for me to delegate the other areas out.  It was a bit of an expense hiring on those extra hands, but in the past year (during COVID) I have seen more growth in my studio than I had in all the years prior.  It's been amazing!  I have my life back and my dance studio is flourishing!

Meet Aretese

Meet Deborah

When Pam entered my life as a mentor it was a literal life changer for me.  Her help was instrumental in my continuation as a successful principal of our Ballet School rather than a stressed and struggling doomed-to-fail leader.

Our sessions helped me to realise the power of delegation skills, dealing with staff issues, pesky parents, and that technology, although a challenge, was a way of life I needed to embrace. By talking through the daily problems of running the business with her, I found great solutions to almost every seemingly insurmountable problem. Most importantly, I learnt how I could achieve more by myself, and lead with greater confidence.

Deborah Preece - Brocksom

The Dance Centre Peregian Springs, Queensland, Australia

Let’s Start Working Together!

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